Side toolboxes, across-the-bed toolboxes, Carry-Alls and 3 spool valves are a few of the Krogmann extras that set this Kansas manufacturer apart from other bale handling equipment companies.

Carry-All for balebeds haul heavy rock, sand or dirt.

Firewood, posts and brush are easy to load, haul and dump with the Krogmann Carry-All.

Carry-All for balebed trucks haul rock, sand, dirt, firewood, posts and brush. Same equipment will load and transport your 4-wheeler, mower, etc.

Headache bar lights

Headache rack lights.

Lift and load up to 2,000 lbs. Haul and dump loads up to 4,000 lbs. from the comfort of your pickup cab using a Krogmann Carry-All.

Carry-Alls are available to fit most balebeds.

Easy-to-load and haul 4-wheeler, mower and small equipment with hydraulic dump box for flatbed trucks.

Dually Bale Bed

Dually bale beds.

Toolbox Across the Bed

Toolbox for flatbed truck bed.

2 dually trucks with Krogmann balebed

Optional underbody Side Toolboxes available.