The Krogmann BaleHandler – Hydraulic balebed / flatbed for pickup trucks built to handle big round hay bales by Krogmann Manufacturing, Sabetha, Kansas.

The Leader in Balebed Engineering with Patented Arm & Spinner Design

Bale Bed Side View

Balebed side view.

Bales on Balebed White Dodge

Bales on balebed white Dodge.

Bale bed on Red Truck Side view

7 1/2' Long balebed on short wheelbase pickup.

Dually BaleBed on 4 Door Pickkup.

4-door dually bed pickup.

Bale Bed Lift Closeup

Balebed lift closeup.

Headache rack lights.

Krogmann's BaleHandler is excellent balebed/flatbed equipment for standard and dually trucks available in 7' or 8' widths. With its lifting capacity of 2500 pounds, this machinery is for the serious cattlemen, sportsmen and livestock agricultural producers served throughout the United States. Krogmann Balebeds are for both new and or older pickups. The package includes standard features which make Krogmann the preferred choice. Optional components such as custom building for shorter or longer pickup beds and third spool valves offer flexibility to fit unique needs around the farm and ranch. Engine driven or all electric models are available. Contact Krogmann with questions or to get more information.

Krogmann engineering doesn't stop with the hydraulic Balebed they manufacture. Another of our products, the Carry-All, handles 4-wheelers, small equipment and materials on the farm and ranch and is used to hydraulically lift, haul and dump. We also manufacture across-the-bed, underbody side toolboxes.

Krogmann Balebed Standard Features and Specifications

Feedback proves Krogmann's “workhorse reliability and satisfaction”.

“I believe the Krogmann Balebed is the most outstanding bed on the market. I like the features this bed has over the competition.” Roger Miller, Booker, TX

“We’ve used Krogmann Balebeds for everything you can think of - from loading granaries, posts, cattle chutes, panels and everything in-between. We have two of them, can’t and wouldn’t be without one.” Berle Jamison, Ashby, NE

“I think, the Krogmann Balebed is the most economical bed on the market. I’ve had my balebed for about 5 years now and had very little trouble. It’s simply a good buy.” Roger Burdick, Circleville, KS

Please call for further information or stop by for a demonstration.

Width Single: 7', Dually: 8'
Length 9'
Lifting Capacity 2500 lbs.
Pump Engine-driven or all-electric
Lift Cylinder One 4' X 20"
Fully Synchronized Squeeze Cylinders Enclosed in the rear tube of the bed with easy access
Recessed Gooseneck Ball 30,000 lb. ball
Electric Solenoid Valve Toggle switch controls
Hinged Arms Close to 3', open to 7'
Spinners Manually extend up to 16", removable
Construction 1/8" deck plate, 5" channel iron main frame, 3" channel iron cross members, 5" X 5" X 3/8" structural tubing
Toolboxes 12 ga. steel, stainless steel latch and hinges, gas shock
Warranty Three years